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Weather-Bos™ for Fiberglass

Environmentally safe, non-polluting stains, finishes, preservatives, coatings, and paints providing maintenance protection, especially against ultra-violet, water-proofing and restoration (against oxidation and other types of deterioration) for all fiberglass; boats, shingles, roofs, patio awnings; all wood, such as cedar, redwood, mahogany and teak, and outdoor fabrics, such as boat covers, awnings, fabric deck chairs, and canopys. Used for hot tubs & spas, interior wood surfaces, wooden and fiberglass boats, docks, camping equipment, and anywhere an environmentally safe, long lasting, durable finish is desired.

Natural water-reducible oil finish developed to counteract the deterioration process of interior and exterior surfaces by using on-going scientific research. Weather-Bos™ is designed as a natural finish with a base of natural oils and resins which adhere to or penetrate most surfaces creating a monolithic bond. These natural ingredients create dimensional stabilization and reduces damage due to climatic conditions. Weather-Bos™ also contains sunscreens, trans-oxides and/or U.V. stabilizers.

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