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Truth vs. Confusion

Choosing the best product to protect your home can often be very confusing. We recommend that you take time to learn abut a variety of products, including their level of hazardous ingredients and possible effects on your family following prolonged exposure. Look at your home and ask yourself how long it has been since you painted. "Was it only three summers ago - and it looks this bad already?" Ask yourself if your home looks as good as the year it was built? Once your examine the various products available, we know you will appreciate the value of Weather-Bos.

Manufacturers and contractors often created guaranteed markets, similar to auto manufacturers and dealers whose products seem to disintegrate upon making the final payment. Paint manufacturers depend on repeat sales and therefore will often product products of inferior quality creating never ending customer demand. This is why many manufacturers spend more time and money on the container, labeling, and marketing than on development, quality and long-term performance of their products. Among the least expensive ingredients available to manufacturers are those which are hazardous to the user as well as the environment. In addition, many products contain a high percentage of volatile ingredients. Remember: paint thinner and water evaporate!

Contractors and dealers who use less expensive products often benefit by a higher profit margin on their contracts and sales. In addition, their job security is often created by the use of products with short-term performance and low quality standards. Provided the applicator is not color blind, and does quality work, your home should look good when he is finished - regardless of which products are used. However, problems often appear soon after the work is completed, and the applicator will blame everything from the weather to the construction of your home. However, chances are that the product used was inferior and/or he neglected proper preparation and application procedures.

The exterior appearance of your home makes a statement of first impression for years to come. Homes must be properly maintained in order to compete in the marketplace, and those which are not, will require special help to regain their original beauty. When choosing carpet for your home, you may spend more than originally planned, by purchasing a product with proven long-term performance and quality. The same care and selection should be given to the product you will use to protect what may be the largest investment you will ever make: Your Home!

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