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Pre-Stained Wood

Consumers Prefer Real Wood!

  • REAL WOOD SIDING is preferred over vinyl, aluminum or alternative products.
  • REAL WOOD APPEARANCE is used to describe alternative siding materials in order to capitalize on consumer preference.
  • REAL WOOD SHINGLES & SHAKES are preferred over imitation products.
  • REAL WOOD is the product of choice for decks and fences, etc.
  • REAL LOG AND TIMBER FRAME HOMES are the ultimate for the quality conscience consumer.
  • REAL WOOD SIDING holds up without the problems of:
    • dents
    • loose seams
    • popping noise with temperature change
    • color limitations
    • refinishing as color trends change


Stains Weather-Bos™ Products Reduce

Benefits of Pre-Staining

Preparation, Application & Potential Problems


The building material market today can best be described in two words, difficult and unpredictable. Environmental pressures, supply and quality issues often result in erratic prices and lack of quality control. At the same time consumers and builders overwhelmingly want real wood building materials, but are demanding maintenance free features. As a result innovative products and strategic retail programs are critical to long term survival and growth.

There is no other material which looks, feels or performs like real wood and is a viable, renewable resource. Real wood is the only building material which offers the style, pattern or available finished appearance from a natural semi-transparent tone to a solid body finish.

Weather-Bos™ provides the ultimate protection without creating toxic fumes or the use of dangerous fungicides and other hazardous ingredients (the technology of the past).
Weather-Bos™ natural oils and resins penetrate and bond, providing a durable and lasting protection, and is an environmentally healthy alternative for quality conscious homeowners and applicators.

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