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Weather Bos™ seeks companies or individuals who have an existing,
well-established business presence and/or knowledge of their market region, the necessary capital and the desire to build a business for the future.
When you join with Weather Bos™ you benefit from our many years of research and development, and from our new miniaturization technology, which provides the capability of producing a high volume of product with minimum equipment and labor. Our complete technical support provides the ability to quickly enter local markets, while providing proven solutions for most problems relating to the protection of interior and exterior surfaces on both residential and commercial projects.

Why Produce Environmentally Safe Products?

Within the coatings industry hazardous ingredients are among the least expensive and are widely used, perpetuating a legacy of environmental damage for generations to come. We are proud to offer products which are environmentally safe and far superior to that of their polluting and hazardous counterparts. Each of our formulas are manufactured in a non polluting manner using only natural ingredients.

Our market is unlimited, since most exterior and interior surfaces and products require a finish or protective coating. We believed that the public would judge Weather Bos™ products on their performance long before they became concerned with the ecosystem and that judgment has proven correct. We are now finding that today's consumers demand both high quality and environmentally safe, non- toxic stains and finishes.

Within the United States:

Weather Bos™ currently seeks companies or individuals who are interested in Manufacturing or Distributing our complete product line for specific states or regions throughout the United States.


Licensed Franchise Manufacturer or Joint Venture
Weather Bos™ offers two opportunities for companies or individuals interested in joining our dynamic company. The first option would be to establish a manufacturing franchise to produce and distribute Weather Bos™ products for a specific country or area. This establishes a local product identity with the latest U.S. technology. Through utilizing our research and development and our proven marketing program, a
Weather Bos™ licensed franchise manufacturer can quickly enter their local market.

The second option involves creating a joint venture with
Weather Bos™
in order to sell franchises for the manufacturing and distribution of Weather Bos™ throughout a specific market region, such as Africa or the Middle East. This generates continuous, long-term revenue and unlimited growth.

If you believe your company has the entrepreneurial, action-oriented attitude we are looking for, contact us for further discussion on either of the exciting opportunities above.

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