Formula Descriptions

Our formulas are not STAINS.. they are specifically designed to bring out the beauty of the wood you are working with. Our formulas will simply enhance the natural tones found in any type of wood. The small amount of pigment in our formulas provide UV protection for your project.

Formula 1: We recommend Formula One for customers looking to bring out the BROWN tones in the wood they are working with.

For wood: This formula is especially elegant on red cedar.

Formula 5: A golden tint that brings out the beauty of lighter tones in all types of surfaces.

For wood: Commonly used on lighter toned woods such as pine, oak, and light cedar.

Formula 7: Use this formula when a rich reddish tint is desired.

For wood: Specially formulated with tones found in redwood and similar woods.

Formula 1 Clear: Our clear formula. Used as your last application and also as the base for custom transparent colors.

Note: All above formulas may be intermixed to obtained desired tint.

We recommend three applications, with formula clear as the final coat. Please note that all tinted formulas offer UV protection.

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