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I am a consultant/designer for a company that manufactures solid wall construction. I have been doing this since 1976. Over the years I have used and researched finishes for my many clients around the world. Until 1987, I had found several that were only okay. Then I found "Weather-Bos". They explained their product so well, that I had to try it on my own home. I found that they were correct and the product outlasted everyone else's 2 or 3 to 1. They advised me that with the natural oil makeup of the product, that it was very compatible with the molecular cell structure of wood. I sure agree! I took an old (40-50) year old carving made out of 1x6 slats, framed together and carved on the surface. After all that time outside, the slats cupped badly. My mother thought that is should be thrown away. However, I decided to experiement-I took it apart and submerged the slats in a vat of Weather-Bos-- Clear for five days. The wood flattend out and probably looks as good as it did the day it was carved. I have just finished applying for the second time in 10 years, a coating of the Formula 7 on my solid wall home. I t looks NEW! Thank you Weather-Bos for your fine product, and please know that I will continue to recommend it to all my clients, and friends too! PS: the concrete water-proofer is also an amazingly wonderful product! Thank You

Warren Moyer, Owner Sierra West Timber Homes. Grass Valley, CA"

As a building contractor, I had the unique opportunity to see Weather-Bos™ Products in action before, during and after applications. Its versatility, ease of application and wather clean-up, clearly set these products ahead of other available wood staining products on the market today."
John Baker, owner
Baker Construction, Inc.
Crested Butte, CO

"We have been using Weather-Bos™ at the Nevada Division of Forestry at Silver Springs for three years. We have done our own comparisons with other products to see how Weather-Bos™ performs. In side-by-side tests, Weather-Bos ™ has held up for three years while the other products showed deterioration after one summer of exposure."
John Houk
Asst. Camp Supervisor
Silver Springs Camp
Nevada Division of Forestry

After considerable research into the appropriate combination of preservatives, stains and sealants and their application techniqes that properly address the unique demands of log homes, Weather-Bos™ emerged as the clear leader of the pack. Due to its water soluble vegetable oil base that mimics natural wood resins, Weather-Bos™ penetrates more deeply into any wood than petroleum based stains which tend to evaporate, leaving only the color pigment behind. This is particularly true for logs which have an intrinsic moisture content that inhibits absorption of oils. Weather-Bos™ therefore, forms a deep protective "resin cap" that will not only look good longer, but more importantly will protect the wood longer. Not to mention it is much more friendly to the environment as well as the person applying it. Thanks again for the great product!
Alan Olmstead
Authorized Dealer

Lincoln Logs, Ltd.
Eureka, CA

Just to inform you of the national recognition we got recently by Sunset Magazine for a deck we built back in 1988. We sealed this deck with Weather-Bos, another deck that we built in '92 also sealed with Weather-Bos has just been photographed for a feature story in Sunset. We always use Weather-Bos on our decking if it weren't for your product we wouldn't even get involved, because there really is no alternative .

Robert Hauck, Owner
Mr. Deck Company
Mtn. View California

I would like to thank you for your efforts to produce the best natural wood preservatives on the market. I have tried them all. I have used your product in Mammoth Lakes starting in 1975 and there are many fine examples of the product there. In my opinion Weather-Bos are the best products on the market!

Kenton D. Eicher
Fire Chief, Heritage Ranch Fire Dept.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Weather-Bos™ system as a quality exterior coating.
Bill Daton, Manager
Sunbury, Your Ceder Center

Surrey, British Columbia

My home is 11 years old and I have had it sealed 3 or 4 times. After each application it looked very nice, however, within a very short period of time, it began to look in need of re-application... I now feel for the first time that I truly got my money's worth.
Dorothy Vogel of Truckee, California

I am so impressed by the non-toxic content, ease of use and clean-up and durability of the product that I have and will continue to specify Weather-Bos™ for my architectural projects.
David Wright, AIA
Nevada County Land Trust
Nevada City, CA

I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased I am with your product. On behalf of the Nevada Division of Forestry, thank you for your help and a superior product.
Stephen Bloss
State of Nevada Dept. of Conservation and Forestry
Carson City, NV

Weather-Bos™ is a Win Win! I have lived in the Sierra Nevadas for over 15 years and have been active in a fire ecology program for 6 years. Weather-Bos™ is the best product I have ever used. Weather-Bos ™ is the future!
Doug Clifford, Drummer
Creedence Clearwater Revival

Here is a short list of some of our other satisfied customers

Marin Parks and recreation district
County of Santa Clara
Sherman Williams
Nevada Division of Forestry
State of Nevada
State of California
Clark County Nevada
City of Fallon
Boys Town
City of Omahaj

And there are thousands more..... Weather-Bos™ is committed to making the finest product that exceeds customer expectations!

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