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Weather-Bos™ Seminars

Weather-Bos™ seminars are a great way to train staff, educate contractors, or promote to end users the benefits and uses of Weather-Bos™ products, as well as how to apply them. If you are a retailer of Weather-Bos™, you can increase sales. If you are a contractor using Weather-Bos™ you can insure your employees or subcontractors use it properly. If you are a civic group, you can demonstrate an environmentally safe alternative to other products your members might otherwise try, and insure that they are doing their part to protect the environment. If you are in the entertainment or news business, you can expose your viewers/readers to useful information on home maintenance with the most environmentally safe products.


  1. To introduce Weather-Bos™ as the solution to the Environmental Concerns of the future.
  2. Provide necessary training to assure proper application of Weather-Bos™.
  3. That Weather-Bos™ is the long term solution to ongoing maintenance problems regarding interior/exterior surfaces.
  4. To offer Weather-Bos™ as the product with the highest performance at a reasonable cost.


  1. An attendance fee may be charged with rebate offered on future product purchases.
  2. Seminars can be held at alternative locations such as hotels which offer convention and/or conference facilities.
  3. Environmental Impact meetings may be scheduled to increase the publics awareness about assisting in protecting our environment.
  4. Seminars may be scheduled for alternative dates, times and locations including weekends and evenings, whichever is most convenient.
  5. Increase promotional impact by utilizing local radio, T.V. and news media for coverage of the seminar.
  6. There may be special purchase incentives only available at Weather-Bos™ seminars.
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