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Our company Weather-Bos™ produces environmentally safe non-toxic stains, finishes, preservatives, paints and coatings for most interior and exterior surfaces. We have been pioneers in the field of environmentally safe non-toxic coating. Over many years Weather-Bos™ has established a close working relationship with the scientific community, which continues to this day. By using a variety of research laboratories we have been able to identify the specific methods by which interior and exterior surfaces gradually deteriorate.

When God created healthy trees, he provided each tree with a natural defense mechanism. When a tree dies by either natural causes, or harvesting for commercial use, the defense mechanisms obviously no longer exist. Certain species retain a higher level of natural defense ingredients when trapped in the whole tree long after it has died or been cut down. However, once the tree has been cut for commercial use, such as for roofing, siding, decking, etc. these natural defense ingredients are often quickly depleted as a result of natural occurring climatic conditions. With this in mind, it has been the goal of Weather-Bos™ to duplicate the natural defense of the live, healthy tree, and after many years of research, testing and field application we have been successful in attaining this goal.

Any quality finish or coating should address all the methods by which a wood surface deteriorates, and should contain only natural ingredients which counteract all these existing conditions. In addition, a quality coating should provide the following benefits:

1. Penetrate deeply and entirely into the wood, leaving a natural transparent finish or solid color (whichever is desired) that will not crack or peel.

2. Contain only natural ingredients which are molecularly compatible with the wood, creating a monolithic bond with the wood's cells and therefore not prone to evaporate or wash out.

3. Retard cupping, curling, and splitting of the wood by use of natural ingredients which provide long-term dimensional stabilization.

4. Create a natural occurring environment which resists the growth of moss, fungus and mildew without the use of dangerous ingredients which at best only provide short-term benefits.

5. Provides UV protection by the use of sunscreens, trans-oxides and UV stabilizers.

6. High in solids: that is, the portion of product which remains in the wood after the carrier or volatile has evaporated. Many wood finishes and coatings contain up to 99% inert ingredients which is defined as that which has no effect. Remember: paint thinner and water evaporate!

7. Low in odor and containing only natural ingredients which are neither harmful to the user or the environment.

8. Contain ingredients which do not require EPA or any other governmental registration.

9. Research and development that is ongoing in order to provide a product with superior performance, and not just a product to sell to unsuspecting customers.

Any finish or coating product should have a well defined procedure for proper preparation and application and should contain the natural ingredients which were once part of the live, healthy tree. It should also be packaged in containers which conform to normal retail standards for easy consumer recognition and not sold, shipped or used in bulk containers which do not have permanent quality control identification. Weather-Bos™ provides all of the above benefits.

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